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custom built homes

Modern custom-built homes are now featuring more glass design to create a sense of openness and opulence.  Curved glass is being used internally to create living spaces with eye-catching lines and lighting, and externally to refine a home’s curb appeal, improve million-dollar views, and create a distinguished look. Coastal Curved Glass has been working locally with custom home builders in Vancouver for over 25 years to design the most impressive homes that the city has to offer.  Internationally our work has been featured in new construction and renovations throughout the US, Brazil, China, and Dubai.


commercial buildings

Today’s architecture often calls for non-standard shapes and lines in order to bring to life the visions of architect. Commercial buildings often showcase such visions as statements of modern design and commercial opulence. These building often require custom bent and curved glass to achieve the perfect look.  Coastal Curved Glass has been manufacturing custom bent glass for commercial buildings throughout Canada and the US for the past 25 years. We work directly with architects, engineers and glass companies to design glass that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and manufactured to the exact design specifications required for the commercial building project.

Marine & Transport

Curved Marine & Transport Glass

Coastal Curved Glass creates custom pieces for a variety of marine vessels and transportation vehicles. Custom planes, trains and automobiles, we have done it all. Our laminated curved glass has almost unlimited colour options to meet your design preference or match existing windows.


Custom Designed Curved Glass

Coastal Curved Glass creates an unparalleled variety of three-dimensional curved glass shapes.  We use glass as a modern material to give new fascinating and creative elements to your design. Without any “off the shelf” products, each piece of custom curved glass we manufacture is specifically tailored to your precise specifications or templates- meaning you always get a one-of-a-kind- design. If you can imagine it, we will work with you to help design, manufacture and bring your visions to life. Our in-house experts assist you with the consultation, planning, production necessary to create your finished product.

About Us

Design innovation brought to life through modern glass bending technology partnered with hands-on quality craftsmanship.

Curved glass is a luxury product that allows the true beauty of design not to be limited or obstructed by lines. Together with our clients we design, build, and bring to life fluid and original masterpieces that push the limits modern design.  What makes us the right choice for your project?

Coastal Curved Glass is a family run business that’s been operating in Canada since 1975. Originally founded as Healy Windows, the company began by producing high-quality efficient wooden windows.  In 1990 the business relocated from Saskatchewan to Vancouver, BC and began specializing in a new market of curved and bent glass applications, rebranding the business to Seabird Bent Glass.  While still honouring the classic processes and customer service standards that customers had come to expect, the new generation of ownership took over in 2012 and began operating as Coastal Curved Glass.  Together we’ve supplied thousands of custom curved glass pieces to countries all around the world.

By focusing exclusively on curved glass and niche bent glass applications, our team possesses deep technical knowledge that allows Coastal Curved Glass to excel as an industry leader.  Our large manufacturing facility houses leading glass bending technology, which we combine with our passion for hard work and quality craftsmanship.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s most discerning customers and their high expectations have guided us to meet a new level of quality, service and creative bent glass design. We continuously innovate to ensure we remain a North American leader in glass bending.









Our deep knowledge base allows us to produce pieces others can’t. If you need a complex project completed correctly and on-time, trust in our experience to make it happen.



From 3D laser scans to 5 axis CNC machining, we embrace and invest in the latest technology to help turn any idea into a finished masterpiece.



Our team is comprised of skilled craftsman who have mastered the time-honored, hands-on glass bending and finishing techniques passed down from generation to generation.

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