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Today’s architectural designs push the limits for non-standard shapes and continuous unobstructed curves. Commercial buildings often showcase such visions as statements of modern design and commercial luxury. The improvement in space, openness and lighting are all drivers for the prevalence of modern glass design in commercial applications. We work directly with the architects, engineers and glass contractors to design glass that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and built to code.  From hotels in Miami to casinos overseas, Coastal Curved Glass has a proven track record of being a leading worldwide supplier of curved and bent glass for the commercial building industry.


Curved Glass Staircases & Guardrails

One of the more challenging finished products is the curved glass staircase.

The spiral nature of curved glass staircases adds significantly to the time and care required to create a product that is both beautiful and safe. This is why few manufacturers and contractors get involved in these projects and why you need to trust a company with decades of experience. We have the experience to work on even the most complex, multi-level, multi-curvature glass staircases and guardrails. We consult on design, hardware, glass installation and safety options. Each custom curved and bent glass staircase we create is a stunning central feature of any commercial space. We can also supply glass stair treads, glass landings and all the curved metal channels and hardware to complete the look.


Curved Glass Offices & Partitions

Your office is often the first impression your customers get.

When designing your space, you want continuous curved glass windows, boardrooms, and offices without the common visual obstructions that old panel systems with flat glass can leave. With the growing popularity of open and transparent workspaces, many organizations are moving towards eliminating walls and replacing them with impressive curved glass dividers.


Curved Glass Storefronts & Displays

Large curved glass windows and display cases allow customers to see your products without any visual obstructions.

Custom curved and bent glass adds a feeling of luxury and it helps your store to stand-out from others around it.

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