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Modern custom-built homes are now featuring more glass design to create a sense of openness and opulence. Curved glass is being used internally to create living spaces with eye-catching lines and lighting, and externally to refine a home’s curb appeal, improve million-dollar views, and create a distinguished look. Coastal Curved Glass has been working locally with custom home builders in Vancouver for over 25 years to design the most impressive homes that the city has to offer. Internationally our work has been featured in new construction and renovations throughout the US, Brazil, China, and Dubai.


Curved Glass Showers

Frameless and curved glass showers have been growing in popularity to the point where they are now expected in new construction and high-end home renovation.

The smooth flowing lines of a curved glass shower can create unparalleled beauty and refinement to a bathroom, while providing a better use of space and making small spaces appear larger. We have the expertise to ensure your custom curved glass shower doors are correctly tempered to protect your safety. When measured, produced with the required notches and handrail holes, and installed correctly, our curved and bent shower glass will look beautiful and last a lifetime. We can also supply the custom channels and hardware to match any design aesthetic.


Curved Glass Staircases & Guardrails

One of the more challenging finished products is the curved glass staircase.

The spiral nature of curved glass staircases adds significantly to the time and care required to create a product that is both beautiful and safe.  This is why few manufacturers and contractors get involved in these projects and why you need to trust a company that specializes in custom curved glass supply.

We have the experience to work on even the most complex, multi-level, multi-curvature glass staircases and guardrails. We consult on design, hardware, glass installation and safety options. Each curved glass staircase we create is a customized central feature of any home.  We also supply glass stair treads, glass landings and all the curved metal channels and hardware to complete the look.


Curved Insulated Glass Units

To truly enjoy a million-dollar view, you want a continuous curved window without the common visual obstructions that old panel systems with flat glass can leave.

We‘re seeing countless renovations being done on older homes to get this fresh new look and we’re here to help. Curved insulated glass units (IGU’s) are comprised of two (or more) pieces of glass with a spacer bar in-between to help with energy efficiency, noise mitigation and temperature control for applications like wine rooms. Curved insulated curved glass units can be made in any thickness with a make-up of annealed, laminated or tempered curved glass. We also offer various coloured tints and spacer bars to meet your design requirements.

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