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Custom Designed
Curved Glass

Coastal Curved Glass creates an unparalleled variety of three-dimensional curved glass shapes.  We use glass as a modern material to give new fascinating and creative elements to your design. Without any “off the shelf” products, each piece of custom curved and bent glass we manufacture is specifically tailored to your precise specifications or templates- meaning you always get a one-of-a-kind- design. If you can imagine it, we will work with you to help design, manufacture and bring your visions to life. Our in-house experts assist you with the consultation, planning, production necessary to create your finished product.


Custom Glass

Coastal Curved Glass partners with leading artists and glass producers around the world to offer customized design solutions to suit your needs.  There are multiple applications for treating glass to get the desired effect, but the most common options we provide include custom screen printed glass, sandblasted glass, and laminated glass with custom interlayers. Our curved glass manufacturing process allows us to achieve shapes and bends that others can’t, making us the leading supplier of custom bent and curved glass.

Site visits, measuring & templates, and installation can be handled directly through Coastal Curved Glass, or one of our supplier partners

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