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Curved Marine & Transport Glass

Coastal Curved Glass creates custom custom curved glass windshields and windows for a variety of marine vessels and transportation vehicles. Custom planes, trains and automobiles- we have done it all. Our laminated curved glass has almost unlimited colour options to meet your design preference or perfectly match existing windows.

Our latest advancement is chemically strengthened glass. This cutting-edge process allows us to replace heavier laminated glass with lighter options of equal or greater strength, thus reducing weight and improving fuel economy.


Curved Marine Glass

We have extensive experience in creating bent glass products for the marine industry, especially when it comes to the compound curves found on most vessels.

Our team takes the time and care required to create beautiful custom curved glass for boat, ship and yacht windows for vessels ranging from 30 to 300 ft.  Our convenient presence on Canada’s West Coast has allowed us to work on some the world’s largest and most impressive floating transports.

Our curved glass marine products feature a ceramic frit that is fused directly into the finished curved glass to allow for better adhesion and to protect the urethane from breaking down from the sun’s UV rays. Most of our marine glass is laminated with SentryGlas, the strongest interlayer available on the market. Glass laminated with SentryGlas will remain impenetrable or structurally sound when broken, making it the ultimate safety glass.

One of our latest curved glass innovations has been our new process of chemically strengthening glass.  This cutting-edge process allows us to replace heavier laminated glass with lighter laminated options of equal or greater strength, thus reducing vessel weight and improving fuel economy.  We still apply the same ceramic frit to this glass so that no compromise is made for adhesion or UV breakdown.


Curved Train Glass

The majority of commuter trains are built with curved glass overhead windows so passengers can enjoy unobstructed scenic views.

Our curved train glass is built with safety and security top of mind.  Our train glass is to FRA Type I & FRA Type II spec.


Curved Car Windshields & Windows

Whether you’re building a custom car or restoring a classic, Coastal Curved Glass can manufacture the windows and windshields you need.

We offer a wide variety of tints to match existing windows and windshields.  We also provide bullet-proof curved glass windows when passenger security is a concern.

Site visits, measuring & templates, and installation can be handled directly through Coastal Curved Glass, or one of our supplier partners.

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